Open Call for Artist Participation in eARTh Programme

Creative Europe –  Cooperation Youth – Empowerment  – Media production

eARTh is an international 24-month art program funded by Creative Europe. The strategic partnership involves 3 partners from Greece, Hungary and Italy – GM Studio, Pro Progressione and Casa Della Citta Leopolda – experienced in working with young people and innovative interdisciplinary media productions aimed to sensitise the public in climate change and bolster the European media heritage for experience gaining and creative engagement. The partnership supports the Greek social enterprise ComMedi – Communities of Mediterranean and the Nikos Kazantzakis Museum in Crete, Greece.

Our mission is characterized by diversity, artistic freedom and passion for the arts as eARTh without art is just eh.” Our concept strives to create a communal effort that can lead to experimental collaboration and discourse between participants, as well as with the greater European community. “eARTh” is not only a programme about the next day of our planet, is about how we artistically present it, focusing on what we can develop in common from different grounds.

eARTh as a programme focuses on participant development through highlighting, developing and honing their talents and their personal, artistic and communal growth through the acquisition of techniques and collaborative creation.

eARTh is a special space (physically and mentally) where participants, before being the main show, come together as a community and acknowledge each one’s importance in their creation! Calling all young people with innovative and creative ideas who want to address environmental change in a European and cutting-edge method!

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Why is eARTh for you?

Participating upcoming young artists from any artistic field – with priority to emerging artists – are expected to work in the program objectives, contribute to a collective script, participate in a holographic performance, be awareness about environmental problems and social issues and be open to working with others.

Similar to other Creative Europe Programmes, the intellectual property rights of the scripts will remain with the creators (the participants in this case), under the condition that if used for commercial or personal use, they will need to clearly state they were created in the premises of the eARTh programme.

Our program comes in three phases:

  • Firstly, it includes three 5-day national residencies for minimum 20 participants per country, residents in each partner country, in January 2023 – 60 participants in total. You can apply as an individual, or as an artistic group or collective. Groups or collectives can be up to a maximum of three participants per group. All participants will need to co-create with eARTh’s partners and be willing to collaborate with others.
  • Secondly, a 15-day European mobility workshop (three 5-day international workshops in Larissa, Pisa and Budapest plus necessary mobility days) that will start by bus from Larissa to Pisa and from there to Budapest and then back to Larissa, in June – July 2023 increasing the artist’s vision and stimuli. The 20 participants of this workshop will be selected from the total 60 from the national workshops. EU funds the accommodation costs, as well as travel costs for this European mobility workshop.

During the mobility workshop the backstage will be filming in order to create the “eARTh – On the Road Diaries” film series as supporting material for the holographic performance.

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The primary language in use for the mobility workshop is English.

  • Thirdly, at the end of the aforementioned mobility workshop, a collaborative, hybrid theatre production will be held, in Larissa (July 2023), putting together all the knowledge of the residencies, the experience of the mobility workshops along with the technical expertise of hologram creation of GM Studio for a transdisciplinary performance.
  • Furthermore, the project supports the participants to create a digital dossier about each artist and offers documentation to all training activities, assisting in their professional portfolio building.
  • The primary language of communication and creation is in English. The holographic performances will include subtitles in all national languages from the participants (Greek, Hungarian, Italian).
  • The participants selected for the national residencies will have to read, prior to the workshops, short excerpts from the four literary works that will be used as source texts and inspiration points for the script development.
  • EU funds the accommodation costs, as well as travel costs for this European programme.


Venue in Budapest, Larissa, Pisa


How to participate

The application at “eARTh” is made very easy for you.  Just send us a brief bio about the artist (100 words max, preferably written in the 3rd person) and provide a motivational letter.


There is no charge to submit.

Submissions will be open from November 21h  to December 10th, 24:00, 2022

Submissions for participants from Greece:

Submissions for participants from Hungary:

Submissions for participants from Italy:

In case you have any questions feel free to contact us at the above email addresses!

Which professions / status are eligible to the eARTh action call?

Any emerging or established artist/creator/cultural professional, working in one or several sectors of the culture strand of the Creative Europe programme, is eligible to apply.

Sectors of the culture strand are:

  • music
  • literary translation
  • architecture
  • performing arts
  • visual arts
  • design and fashion design
  • cultural heritage


Is there any age limit to apply?

The mobility scheme is open to individuals of a minimum of 18 years old.

I live in a country that participates in the Creative Europe programme, but I do not have the nationality of this country. Can I apply?

Yes. If you are legally residing in a country that participates in the Creative Europe programme, you are eligible to apply. Remember that in this case you will need to provide proof of residency.

Can we apply as a collective / a group?

Yes. The application rules of Culture Moves Europe define ‘a group’ as people from 2 to 3 individuals that apply with the same coherent mobility project.

In which language can I submit my application?

You need to submit your application form in English.

Please note that evaluators will not check the linguistic quality of your application. Feel free to use translation tools to help you through the process, if needed.

Culture Moves Europe works with an international group of evaluators, so if you include additional documents (CV, artistic portfolio, and invitation letters) in another language, we cannot guarantee the experts will be able to fully evaluate your application.

Are the texts I will have to read long?

No, they are short excerpts from 4 different books that have already been selected by the coordinators. All of them are available to the participants for free and in English.

How do you define “green transport”?

Green transport includes any means of transportation except airplane. You are entitled to receive a ‘green top-up’ if you use green transportation for the transnational mobility (a minimum of 600 km/one way).

Please note that the ‘green top-up’ is only available to the transnational part of your mobility project and only if you use green transport for both ways. Renting a car or cycling in your destination country will not be considered eligible for a ‘green top-up’.

What do ‘virtual’ and ‘hybrid’ mobility mean?

Virtual mobility refers to the use of information and communication technologies to implement a project with an international partner at distance.

Hybrid mobility involves a mix of physical and virtual mobility.

Partnership Members

Pro Progressione is highly engaged and active in a wide range of cultural associations and programmes: Culture Action Europe, IETM, MitOst, Voices of Culture, Association of Independent Performing Arts in Hungary and PM² Alliance. They are committed to contribute to this new initiative by bringing the European Green Deal to the people.

GM (Golden Movies) STUDIO is a production company, Larissa, Greece. The crew specializes in short films, TV and radio productions. GM STUDIO is providing outstanding audiovisual services to national and international production companies, corporate organizations and television stations. It is one of the leading audio-visual production companies in Greece.

Casa della Città Leopolda is a second-level non-profit association founded in 1999 to manage a cultural centre by the Municipality of Pisa. It promotes multilevel events, cultural projects and leisure activities organized by the membership associations. The Leopolda association is engaged in the development and implementation of cultural and social projects at national and European level.