EARTH Project Scripts Inspire Creative Writing Workshops in the “Borders” Project by ETAL

We are proud to share that the scripts from our EARTH project holographic performance have been utilized in creative writing workshops as part of the international “Borders” project, organized by the English Teachers Association (ETAL). This initiative highlights the far-reaching influence of our work and its ability to inspire creativity across different contexts and disciplines.

The “Borders” project is an international effort aimed at exploring themes of identity, culture, and human experience through creative writing. By bringing together educators and students from various backgrounds, the project fosters a deeper understanding of the diverse perspectives that shape our world.

Utilizing EARTH Project Scripts The scripts from our holographic performance, which reinterpret classical literature with an environmental focus, have been integrated into the creative writing workshops of the “Borders” project. This integration serves several key purposes:

  1. Educational Resource: The scripts provide rich, thought-provoking material for workshop participants, encouraging them to explore complex themes related to climate change and environmental sustainability.
  2. Creative Inspiration: By working with these scripts, participants are inspired to develop their own narratives that address global issues, fostering creativity and critical thinking.
  3. Cross-Disciplinary Learning: The use of scripts bridges the gap between environmental science and the humanities, demonstrating how different disciplines can collaborate to address common challenges.

Objectives of the Workshops

  1. Promote Awareness: Raise awareness about climate change and its impacts through the lens of creative writing.
  2. Encourage Expression: Provide participants with the tools and inspiration to express their thoughts and ideas on environmental issues creatively.
  3. Foster Dialogue: Create a platform for participants to share their stories and engage in meaningful discussions about climate change and its global implications.

Impact and Outcomes

  • Enhanced Understanding: Participants gain a deeper understanding of climate change issues and their broader societal implications.
  • Creative Engagement: The workshops encourage participants to engage with environmental topics in a creative and meaningful way.
  • Collaborative Spirit: The “Borders” project fosters a spirit of collaboration and mutual learning, bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds to address common challenges.

The integration of EARTH project scripts into the “Borders” creative writing workshops is a testament to the versatility and impact of our work. By inspiring educators and students to explore environmental themes through creative writing, we continue to contribute to a broader understanding and awareness of climate change. We are honored to be part of this international initiative and look forward to the continued influence of our work in various educational contexts.


The EARTH Project Performance Joins EU GREW’s Summer School Curriculum

We are delighted to announce that the innovative holographic performance developed by the EARTH project will be integrated into the EU GREW Summer School Curriculum. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to raise awareness about climate change through creative educational methods. The EU GREW project is an EU-funded initiative aimed at equipping teachers from 30 countries with the knowledge and tools to creatively incorporate climate change issues into their teaching practices. By targeting educators, EU GREW seeks to foster a new generation of environmentally conscious students who are well-informed about the pressing challenges of our time.

Integration into the Summer School Curriculum Our holographic performance, which reimagines classical literature with an environmental perspective, will be a key component of the EU GREW Summer School Curriculum. This integration serves multiple purposes:

  1. Innovative Teaching Tool: The performance provides a unique and engaging way to present complex climate change concepts, making them more accessible and memorable for students.
  2. Inspiration for Educators: By showcasing the power of combining art and technology, the performance will inspire teachers to think outside the box and develop creative approaches to climate change education.
  3. Global Reach: With teachers from 30 countries participating in the EU GREW project, our performance will reach a diverse and widespread audience, amplifying its impact significantly.

Objectives of the Collaboration

  1. Raise Awareness: Enhance awareness among educators about the importance of integrating climate change topics into their curricula.
  2. Provide Resources: Offer a valuable resource that educators can use to effectively communicate environmental issues to their students.
  3. Foster Creativity: Encourage teachers to adopt innovative methods and technologies in their classrooms to engage students more effectively.

Expected Outcomes

  • Enhanced Engagement: Students will benefit from a more engaging and interactive learning experience.
  • Broader Impact: The collaboration will expand the reach of the EARTH project’s message, contributing to a broader understanding of climate change.
  • Cross-Cultural Exchange: Teachers from various countries will share their experiences and insights, fostering a collaborative approach to climate change education.

We are excited about this collaboration with the EU GREW project and look forward to seeing the positive impact of our holographic performance on educators and students alike. This partnership underscores the importance of innovative educational tools in raising awareness about global challenges and equipping future generations with the knowledge and skills they need to make a difference.


Celebrating Our Talented Team: The EARTH Project Artist Portfolio

We are excited to announce the creation of a comprehensive portfolio featuring all the talented artists who participated in the EARTH project. This dossier, meticulously prepared by our partner PRO PROGRESSIONE, includes detailed biographies and portfolios of each artist, showcasing their unique contributions to our innovative initiative. The EARTH Project Artist Portfolio is a beautifully curated collection that highlights the diverse range of talents that have come together to make our project a success. It includes writers, painters, dancers, actors, photographers, comic artists, and more. Each artist provided us with detailed information and a bio, allowing us to create a rich and informative dossier.

Why This Portfolio Matters

  1. Recognition and Visibility: This portfolio serves to recognize and celebrate the hard work and creativity of our artists. It provides them with a platform to showcase their work to a broader audience, increasing their visibility within the artistic community and beyond.
  2. Networking Opportunities: By bringing together a diverse group of artists, the portfolio fosters connections and potential collaborations. It is a valuable resource for anyone looking to engage with innovative and talented individuals in various artistic fields.
  3. Inspiration and Insight: The portfolio offers a glimpse into the creative processes and achievements of each artist. It is an inspiring read for fellow artists, students, and anyone interested in the intersection of art and environmental activism.

Key Features of the Portfolio

  1. Detailed Biographies: Each artist’s biography provides an in-depth look at their background, influences, and artistic journey. It highlights their unique perspectives and contributions to the EARTH project.
  2. Artistic Portfolios: The dossier includes a selection of each artist’s work, giving readers a visual and textual representation of their talents. This section showcases the diversity and richness of the artistic contributions to the project.
  3. Collaborative Projects: Special attention is given to the collaborative nature of the EARTH project. The portfolio highlights how artists from different disciplines worked together to create the innovative holographic performance that has been recognized internationally.

Spotlight on Our Artists

  • Writers: Crafted compelling narratives that formed the backbone of our environmental storytelling.
  • Painters: Created stunning visuals that brought our themes to life.
  • Dancers: Contributed dynamic performances that added a layer of physical storytelling.
  • Actors: Breathed life into our characters, making our stories resonate emotionally.
  • Photographers: Captured the essence of our project through their lenses.
  • Comic Artists: Provided unique and engaging ways to visualize complex environmental issues.

The Role of PRO PROGRESSIONE Our partner, PRO PROGRESSIONE, played an instrumental role in compiling and designing this portfolio. Their expertise ensured that each artist’s work and biography were presented in the best possible light. Their dedication to detail and quality has resulted in a dossier that we are incredibly proud to share.

The EARTH Project Artist Portfolio is more than just a collection of biographies and artworks; it is a testament to the power of collaboration and the incredible talent that exists within our community. We invite you to explore the portfolio, get to know our artists, and be inspired by their creativity and commitment to environmental storytelling.

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eARTh Project Shines at Stockholm Short Film Festival

We are thrilled to announce that the eARTh project has been recognized as a Semi-Finalist at the prestigious Stockholm Short Film Festival!

This recognition is a testament to the hard work, creativity, and dedication of our entire team. The Stockholm Short Film Festival is renowned for celebrating innovative and impactful short films from around the world, and being selected as a Semi-Finalist is a significant achievement for our project.

About the Stockholm Short Film Festival The Stockholm Short Film Festival is an annual event that showcases the best short films across various genres, including experimental, documentary, and animation. It provides a platform for filmmakers to present their work to a diverse and international audience. The festival is known for its rigorous selection process, making this recognition all the more meaningful.

The EARTH Project’s Journey The EARTH project has been an incredible journey, combining the efforts of artists, technologists, and environmental scientists to create a unique holographic performance. Our mission has been to raise awareness about climate change through innovative storytelling and cutting-edge technology.

Our Recognized Work The holographic performance that earned us this recognition reimagines a classical story with an environmental perspective. By bringing together artists and creators from various disciplines and backgrounds, we have created a narrative that reflects our environmental vision of future Earth. This performance not only contributes to the diversity of European audio-visual content but also serves as an educational and cultural piece for the younger generation.

Impact and Future Plans Being named a Semi-Finalist at the Stockholm Short Film Festival is a huge honor and an inspiration for our team. It validates our approach and encourages us to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in combining art and technology for social and environmental impact.

We are committed to furthering our mission and hope to reach even more audiences with our message. We will continue to participate in international festivals, engage with educational institutions, and promote our work through various media channels to maximize our impact.

Thank You for Your Support We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported us throughout this journey. Your encouragement and belief in our vision have been invaluable.

Stay tuned for more updates and future performances as we continue to advocate for climate awareness through the power of art and innovation.

Share the News Help us spread the word by sharing our exciting news on social media. You can share this achievement on Twitter and Facebook.

Together, we can make a difference!

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Screenshot 2024-07-03 165437

Articles in International Magazines and Conferences

To further amplify the impact of its work, the EARTH project engaged in a targeted media outreach campaign, resulting in articles published in several prestigious international magazines and presentations in the international conference of EEPEK 2024 for the promotion of Educational Innovations. These articles will highlight the project’s innovative approach and its achievements, reaching a wide and diverse audience.

The publication of these articles in international magazines significantly will boost the visibility and impact of the EARTH project by:

  • Raising Awareness: Informing a global audience about the project’s innovative methods and achievements.
  • Inspiring Action: Encouraging other organizations and individuals to adopt similar approaches in their work.
  • Building Credibility: Establishing the EARTH project as a leading example of interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation in climate change education.

The media outreach campaign and resulting articles in international magazines played a crucial role in disseminating the EARTH project’s outcomes. By reaching diverse and influential audiences, the project not only raised awareness about climate change but also inspired others to explore innovative educational and artistic methods.


Final Events

Introduction to International Dissemination Building on the success of its domestic events, the EARTH project extended its reach to an international audience by hosting final events in several partner countries. These events aimed to disseminate the project’s outcomes and foster global dialogue on climate change education. Italy: Educational Innovation Workshop: Educators and policymakers gathered to explore innovative educational tools and methods. The workshop highlighted the use of holographic technology in teaching complex subjects like climate change. The workshop provided practical guidance for incorporating digital arts into educational curricula, promoting the adoption of innovative teaching practices.

Impact on International Communities These international events had a profound impact by:

  • Expanding Reach: Extending the project’s influence beyond Greece to engage a global audience.
  • Building Networks: Establishing connections with international stakeholders and fostering cross-cultural collaboration.
  • Promoting Innovation: Showcasing the potential of digital arts and holographic technology to transform education and raise awareness about climate change.

The final events in partner countries were instrumental in disseminating the EARTH project’s outcomes on a global scale. By engaging diverse audiences and fostering international collaboration, the project contributed to a broader dialogue on the role of art and technology in climate change education.


Reaching Educational Institutions – Greece

Introduction to Educational Outreach Events As part of its comprehensive dissemination strategy, the EARTH project conducted a series of events across Greece, targeting educational institutions to raise awareness about climate change. These events aimed to engage students and educators, fostering a deeper understanding of environmental issues through innovative methods.

Events Overview

High School Seminars: High school students attended seminars that introduced them to the concept of using holographic technology for educational purposes. The seminars featured interactive demonstrations and presentations. The seminars sparked curiosity among students and encouraged them to think critically about the role of technology in addressing global issues.

Elementary School Interactive Sessions Younger students engaged in interactive sessions that simplified complex climate concepts through storytelling and visual aids. The use of holograms made the sessions particularly engaging. Elementary students developed an early awareness of environmental issues and the importance of sustainability.

Impact on Educational Institutions These events significantly impacted the participating educational institutions by:

  • Enhancing Curriculum: Integrating innovative educational tools and content into existing curricula.
  • Fostering Collaboration: Encouraging collaboration between educators, students, and the EARTH project team.
  • Inspiring Future Leaders: Inspiring a new generation of environmentally conscious individuals who are equipped with the knowledge and creativity to tackle climate change.

The outreach events in educational institutions across Greece were a crucial component of the EARTH project’s dissemination strategy. By engaging students at various educational levels, the project successfully raised awareness about climate change and demonstrated the potential of combining art and technology in education.


Major Event in Greece for the Finalisation During the DELPHI Forum

Introduction to the Delphi Forum Event The Delphi Forum, renowned for its convergence of thought leaders, policymakers, and influencers, provided a prestigious platform for the grand finale of the EARTH project. This major event in Greece marked the culmination of two years of innovative work aimed at combining art and technology to address climate change. The highlight of the event was the spectacular holographic performance, which showcased a reimagined classical story with a powerful environmental perspective. This performance was the culmination of extensive collaboration among artists, scientists, and technologists from across Europe.

  1. Keynote Speeches: The forum featured inspiring keynote speeches from prominent figures in the fields of art, technology, and environmental science. They emphasized the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in tackling global challenges.
  2. Interactive Sessions: Attendees participated in interactive sessions that delved into the creative and technical aspects of the holographic performance. These sessions provided valuable insights into the innovative processes behind the project.
  3. Panel Discussions: Expert panels discussed the role of digital arts in climate change education and the potential of holographic technology to transform traditional storytelling methods.

The holographic performance received an overwhelmingly positive response from the audience. Attendees were impressed by the seamless integration of technology and artistry, and many expressed a newfound appreciation for the potential of holographic performances in educational contexts. The event successfully demonstrated the EARTH project’s ability to engage and inspire diverse audiences. The final event at the Delphi Forum was a fitting culmination of the EARTH project, highlighting its innovative approach to climate change education through art and technology. By leveraging the prestigious platform of the Delphi Forum, the project reached a wide audience and generated significant impact, setting a high standard for future interdisciplinary initiatives.


Open Call for Artist Participation in eARTh Programme

Creative Europe –  Cooperation Youth – Empowerment  – Media production

eARTh is an international 24-month art program funded by Creative Europe. The strategic partnership involves 3 partners from Greece, Hungary and Italy – GM Studio, Pro Progressione and Casa Della Citta Leopolda – experienced in working with young people and innovative interdisciplinary media productions aimed to sensitise the public in climate change and bolster the European media heritage for experience gaining and creative engagement. The partnership supports the Greek social enterprise ComMedi – Communities of Mediterranean and the Nikos Kazantzakis Museum in Crete, Greece.

Our mission is characterized by diversity, artistic freedom and passion for the arts as eARTh without art is just eh.” Our concept strives to create a communal effort that can lead to experimental collaboration and discourse between participants, as well as with the greater European community. “eARTh” is not only a programme about the next day of our planet, is about how we artistically present it, focusing on what we can develop in common from different grounds.

eARTh as a programme focuses on participant development through highlighting, developing and honing their talents and their personal, artistic and communal growth through the acquisition of techniques and collaborative creation.

eARTh is a special space (physically and mentally) where participants, before being the main show, come together as a community and acknowledge each one’s importance in their creation! Calling all young people with innovative and creative ideas who want to address environmental change in a European and cutting-edge method!

group-american-activists-is-protesting_53876-87273.jpg (2000×1342)

Why is eARTh for you?

Participating upcoming young artists from any artistic field – with priority to emerging artists – are expected to work in the program objectives, contribute to a collective script, participate in a holographic performance, be awareness about environmental problems and social issues and be open to working with others.

Similar to other Creative Europe Programmes, the intellectual property rights of the scripts will remain with the creators (the participants in this case), under the condition that if used for commercial or personal use, they will need to clearly state they were created in the premises of the eARTh programme.

Our program comes in three phases:

  • Firstly, it includes three 5-day national residencies for minimum 20 participants per country, residents in each partner country, in January 2023 – 60 participants in total. You can apply as an individual, or as an artistic group or collective. Groups or collectives can be up to a maximum of three participants per group. All participants will need to co-create with eARTh’s partners and be willing to collaborate with others.
  • Secondly, a 15-day European mobility workshop (three 5-day international workshops in Larissa, Pisa and Budapest plus necessary mobility days) that will start by bus from Larissa to Pisa and from there to Budapest and then back to Larissa, in June – July 2023 increasing the artist’s vision and stimuli. The 20 participants of this workshop will be selected from the total 60 from the national workshops. EU funds the accommodation costs, as well as travel costs for this European mobility workshop.

During the mobility workshop the backstage will be filming in order to create the “eARTh – On the Road Diaries” film series as supporting material for the holographic performance.

climate-change-getty.jpg (2121×1414)

The primary language in use for the mobility workshop is English.

  • Thirdly, at the end of the aforementioned mobility workshop, a collaborative, hybrid theatre production will be held, in Larissa (July 2023), putting together all the knowledge of the residencies, the experience of the mobility workshops along with the technical expertise of hologram creation of GM Studio for a transdisciplinary performance.
  • Furthermore, the project supports the participants to create a digital dossier about each artist and offers documentation to all training activities, assisting in their professional portfolio building.
  • The primary language of communication and creation is in English. The holographic performances will include subtitles in all national languages from the participants (Greek, Hungarian, Italian).
  • The participants selected for the national residencies will have to read, prior to the workshops, short excerpts from the four literary works that will be used as source texts and inspiration points for the script development.
  • EU funds the accommodation costs, as well as travel costs for this European programme.


Venue in Budapest, Larissa, Pisa


How to participate

The application at “eARTh” is made very easy for you.  Just send us a brief bio about the artist (100 words max, preferably written in the 3rd person) and provide a motivational letter.


There is no charge to submit.

Submissions will be open from November 21h  to December 10th, 24:00, 2022

Submissions for participants from Greece:

Submissions for participants from Hungary:

Submissions for participants from Italy:

In case you have any questions feel free to contact us at the above email addresses!

Which professions / status are eligible to the eARTh action call?

Any emerging or established artist/creator/cultural professional, working in one or several sectors of the culture strand of the Creative Europe programme, is eligible to apply.

Sectors of the culture strand are:

  • music
  • literary translation
  • architecture
  • performing arts
  • visual arts
  • design and fashion design
  • cultural heritage


Is there any age limit to apply?

The mobility scheme is open to individuals of a minimum of 18 years old.

I live in a country that participates in the Creative Europe programme, but I do not have the nationality of this country. Can I apply?

Yes. If you are legally residing in a country that participates in the Creative Europe programme, you are eligible to apply. Remember that in this case you will need to provide proof of residency.

Can we apply as a collective / a group?

Yes. The application rules of Culture Moves Europe define ‘a group’ as people from 2 to 3 individuals that apply with the same coherent mobility project.

In which language can I submit my application?

You need to submit your application form in English.

Please note that evaluators will not check the linguistic quality of your application. Feel free to use translation tools to help you through the process, if needed.

Culture Moves Europe works with an international group of evaluators, so if you include additional documents (CV, artistic portfolio, and invitation letters) in another language, we cannot guarantee the experts will be able to fully evaluate your application.

Are the texts I will have to read long?

No, they are short excerpts from 4 different books that have already been selected by the coordinators. All of them are available to the participants for free and in English.

How do you define “green transport”?

Green transport includes any means of transportation except airplane. You are entitled to receive a ‘green top-up’ if you use green transportation for the transnational mobility (a minimum of 600 km/one way).

Please note that the ‘green top-up’ is only available to the transnational part of your mobility project and only if you use green transport for both ways. Renting a car or cycling in your destination country will not be considered eligible for a ‘green top-up’.

What do ‘virtual’ and ‘hybrid’ mobility mean?

Virtual mobility refers to the use of information and communication technologies to implement a project with an international partner at distance.

Hybrid mobility involves a mix of physical and virtual mobility.

Partnership Members

Pro Progressione is highly engaged and active in a wide range of cultural associations and programmes: Culture Action Europe, IETM, MitOst, Voices of Culture, Association of Independent Performing Arts in Hungary and PM² Alliance. They are committed to contribute to this new initiative by bringing the European Green Deal to the people.

GM (Golden Movies) STUDIO is a production company, Larissa, Greece. The crew specializes in short films, TV and radio productions. GM STUDIO is providing outstanding audiovisual services to national and international production companies, corporate organizations and television stations. It is one of the leading audio-visual production companies in Greece.

Casa della Città Leopolda is a second-level non-profit association founded in 1999 to manage a cultural centre by the Municipality of Pisa. It promotes multilevel events, cultural projects and leisure activities organized by the membership associations. The Leopolda association is engaged in the development and implementation of cultural and social projects at national and European level.