eARTh kick off meeting

Representatives from the 3 participant organisations met in Larissa in June 2022 to launch the new Creative Europe project eARTh.

Day one started with presentations of the consortium members and the project basics. Dr Anagnostopoulou also participated in the meeting giving the theoretical background for climate change issues and how this affects our lives all over the world.

GM participants introduced the key issues of the “eARTh” project and how it intends to promote the awareness of the project partners in the field of the cultural development and the environmental protection. The project supports the use of innovative practices designed to make participants the real actors of change. Furthermore, more and more priority will be given, through education, training and cultural activities, to support changes in terms of individual choices, cultural values and awareness.

Next, the partners focused on the project activities and the deliverables. Practical issues such as the open call, the participation of the artists and the deadlines were also discussed. The project Trainer, Mr Kyratzis, presented the methodology of the script writing and the project Art Director, Mr Mantis gave details of the holograms’ performances. The guests visited the GM Studio facilities and were presented with examples of holograms as part of a guided tour in the JOIST Innovation Park in Larissa. At the end of day 1, the guests participated in a cultural tour or the nearby area and enjoyed a traditional meal.

Day 2 was dedicated to scheduling National and International workshops, Management and administrative rules and an introduction to the financial plan of the project, Discussions of Time Table and Task Plan, Quality Assurance Plan and evaluation issues.

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