eARTh: a project of old stories for a new future 

This May a Creative Europe collaborative project between Golden Movie Studios, Greece, … Italy and …. Hungary will begin with the goal of bringing together a creative party of writers, directors, actors, videomakers and others to make them rethink of classical literary works through the lens of climate change. 

The aim of eARTh is to create a collaborative original film with innovative hologram technology and animation elements, featuring Earth’s future like never seen before. The key is to bring together in a synergistic approach two things all humans have in common: stories, and Earth as our home. So, what happens when we mix these two ingredients together?

People are brought together to discuss, to learn and to create. This is the core of eARTh, which aims to bring a transnational band of creators together, to educate them on climate change, to provide them with the craftsmanship knowledge of writing and acting, and to produce a movie about the future of Earth, through common concern and creativity.


What will be the performance about?


With an eye for storytelling innovation, the participants of eARTh will reinvent classical tales from an environmentalist perspective – 


in the 21st century, Jules Verne’s Nautilus would roam through an underwater Venice since the sea level has risen. 


Or Kazantzakis’ Theseus would lose their course in a Mediterranean storm.


What would bring these unexpected turns and twists around the plot? 

Climate change and its consequences on the planet. And the movie will include animation features and hologram projection for viewers!


The project will develop a series of outputs (including narratives, training material, curricula, a short film, a holographic performance, presentations, methodology) from across a network of climate researchers along with culture associations, organisations, and training staff of non-normal adult education. Together these contributions invite transformational thinking on unpredictable climate-changed futures.




eARTh” adopts a special formula which, besides supporting dialogue between different cultures and media languages, supports varied activities for transnational dissemination and access to the finished works by everyone: the writers and actors provide translated scripts for voiceover and subtitles for linguistic inclusion. The combined effect of the cultural setting of each story, the familiar cultural setting and the animated storytelling compounds of the story will create works available in multiple European countries, overcoming linguistic barriers, thanks to the dedication of the artists and professionals. 

Not just a performance

eARTh is a fully fleshed-out programme with layers -much like the planet itself- 

  • collaborating with experts from the Aristotle University’s Department of Meteorology and Climatology, a series of custom educational mini-docs will be produced so the participants, and the viewers, in a latter stage, will receive meaningful information about climate change that will allow them to critically receive and develop the concept of the movie.
  • eARTh is in accordance with the Erasmus+ green policy, as the transportation of the artists from Greece, to Italy and Hungary respectively will be via coach, reducing the carbon footprint and fuel waste of a large-scale transnational collaboration. It will also give the opportunity to the participants to travel, bond and work together like a theatre troupe from the past, providing many unique opportunities for creative incubation.


That’s why the whole roadtrip from country to country will be documented and then edited to the Showrunner Docs, which will also be available to the public.   

eARTh, is both an opportunity and a challenge. The participants will bring their uniqueness together, and fused with the mobility element and the “hive deviation” environment, they will be exposed to various cultures, personal experiences and storytelling methods. These will improve the quality and relevance of every participant in learning arts and culture disciplines, and at the same time secure a deliverable final product which nurtures core EU beliefs and ethics, by linking creativity, activism and technology. 


The eARTh project will be completed in 2023, after a series of transnational exchange, residencies and post-production animation and hologram enhancement, sharing all the deliverable results with the world.  

We, as the creative team of eARTh feel the urgency to create situations in which this collective work is further developed. New realities ask for new practices, and these practices need to be developed. 

eARTh is more than bringing people together. 

eARTh is more than making a movie together. 

eARTh is our future.

eARTh: Ένα project κλασσικών παλιών ιστοριών για ένα καινοτόμο μέλλον

ή πώς το Earth without art is just “eh”

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